ShibaClaus is a festive decentralized, Staking token that gives back to its holders during the holiday season!

Festive Rewards


Manual rewards will be handed out daily to holders throughout the holiday season.

Locked Liquidity

Liquidity Lock

We make sure that all of our investors are protected, which is why we're locking ShibaClaus LP Tokens. For the sake of security and trust in our community.



Stake your Shibaclaus tokens on our staking platform. With APY returns up to 1000%

Daily Rewards

Sticking with the Christmas spirit, ShibaClaus will be handing out Giveaways                  and Rewards through contests within the Telegram group.                    Stay online and get ready to claim your gifts!

Stake your shibaClaus tokens on our staking platform and earn significantly more tokens. 

With APY’s reaching as high as 1000% make sure to fill your stockings up plenty!



Using the marketing wallet, ShibaClaus pays for campaigns using methods such as buying press releases, connecting with influencers, advertisements and much more.


The 5% liquidity is added to the liquidity locked. Increasing the number of tokens held in liquidityvso that the community can trade comfortably without high slippage or the inability to sell.


Phase 1

✓ Website development 

✓ Twitter Account 

✓ Telegram group 

 Private presale 

 Marketing campaigns 


 Huge social media boost 

 3000 telegram members 

 Presale 200BNB HC

 PancakeSwap Launch

Phase 2


Aggressive marketing 


Trustwallet logo 

YouTube promotions

2000 Holders of ShibaClause

Alternative Exchange Listings

Phase 3

Community contests and Giveaways 

Influencer promotions 

Billboard advertisements 

High budget marketing campaigns 


Collaborations within the BSC

5000 Holders of ShibaClause